Illustrate. Animate. Demonstrate.

Forensic Legal Art

Since 2002, The Evidence Room has built a reputation as reliable, innovative, and efficient professionals in the field of Forensic Animation and legal demonstratives. Let us VISUALIZE your case and you will SEE the results.

Scene Visit

Our team goes anywhere across the world to collect, document, and understand the evidence of your case. It is important to experience the scene. With cases from New York to Africa, we have the experience you need.

Expert Collaboration

Whether your witness is a Surgeon, Scientist, Engineer, Victim, the Accused or a Lay Person our team will understand their opinion or testimony to augment and visualize it for the jury.


A series of illustrations laid out in sequential order highlighting the critical data of the case is used to ensure accuracy. This process give our team the opportunity to outline the critical evidentiary issues, prior to construction.


The last step in our process is to determine what the correct media format should be to demonstrate the evidence; Virtual reality model, 3D Animation, Medical Drawings or a physical table top model. We will guide you toward the most efficient media that fits the project.


Our role in these matters, and in all cases, is to work with the available evidence, other experts and lay witnesses to demonstrate the environment and spacial relationships between one party or piece of evidence and the other.





Our Team

The Evidence Room employs a team of specialists with background in Art, 3D Modeling, Animation, Motion Graphics, Time Based Media, Biomedical Illustration, Architectural design, Law & Crime and Shooting Scene Recreation. We have been certified by the Ohio Supreme Court for Continuing Legal Education Classes (CLE).

Scott G. Roder

Executive Head & Evidence Specialist

17 years Experience in Demonstrative Evidence Consulting
On over 1,000+ cases
Training in Crime & Shooting Scene Re-creation

Phillip McCloskey

Art Director

BFA Motion Graphics
3D Specialist

Patrick Mooney

Medical Animator

BFA Human Anatomy Illustration
3D Technician

Ari Zahavi


US Military Veteran & 3D Specialist
West Cost Representative

Peter Massy

Forensic Expert

Former Police Detective 20 years
Forensic Science Instructor U. of New Haven

Amy Metzger


BA, Kent State

Macy Besch

Project Manager

BA, John Carroll U

Shannon, GSP

Office Security